Toyota Cheetahs News Toyota Cheetahs News 2015 IMASA AGM Minutes 2015 IMASA AGM Minutes, Part 2 of 2<br><br> 2015-06-19 2015 IMASA AGM Minutes 2015 IMASA AGM Minutes, Part 1 of 2<br><br> 2015-06-19 2015 IMASA AGM Invite 2015 IMASA AGM INVITE<br><br> 2015-06-19 SAICB Notification SAICB Notification (Alert)<br><br> 2014-06-17 SAIA Circular South African Insurance Crime Bureau (SAICB) Alert Notification<br><br> 2014-06-17 2014 IMASA AGM Minutes Minutes of the 2014 AGM of IMASA held in Bloemfontein on 17 May 2014.<br><br> 2014-06-17 2014 IMASA AGM Invitation Documents included in the attachment:<br><br> Invitation Agenda Form of Proxy Nomination form Please find attached hereto the invitation to the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Motor Assessors of South Africa.<br><br> Please RSVP your attendance by no later than COB 8 May 2014.<br><br> ***<br><br> 2014-06-17 OPERATIONALIZE THE VDQBDSA Please find herewith a communique from Mr Theo Schalkwyk, the Chairperson of VDQGBSA . Kindly click on the link above to download the PDF document.<br><br> 2013-12-19 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 2013 Dear Members,<br><br> Please find herewith the minutes of the National Annual General Meeting, which was held in Johannesburg on 11 May April 2013.<br><br> Click on the link to download the complete PDF document.<br><br> Kind Regards,<br><br> IMA SA ( <br><br> 2013-09-30 PNet & RMI PNet, a leading online e-recruitment service provider, has teamed up with the RMI to create Motorjobs andndash; an online portal for RMI members to advertise job vacancies. The initiative represents yet another benefit of belonging to the RMI.<br><br> This Special Report appeared in the April 2012 issue of Automobil <br><br> 2012-06-16