Bridgestone Pleased with Tyre Check Survey
Date: 14:00 (GMT+2), Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Bridgestone Tyre Check initiative for 2011 ended on a high note when Ermelo’s motorists recorded the lowest incidence of incorrectly-inflated tyres of any of the locations surveyed this year. The survey, conducted in the car park of Pick ‘n Pay Ermelo on 12 November, revealed that 88 per cent of the tyres checked were correctly inflated.

This narrowly pips the 87 per cent recorded at Germiston earlier this year, and is ahead of both Durban (84 per cent) and Kimberley (83 per cent).

Bridgestone Public Relations Manager, Mandy Lovell, said the Tyre Check team had been pleasantly surprised by the result. “We were concerned by the extent of incorrect inflation we found in Kimberley and Durban, so it was encouraging to see such positive data from the Ermelo check,” she commented.

2011 is the fourth year in which Bridgestone has carried out the Tyre Check surveys, and this year saw a number of important benchmarks reached. 4 080 tyres were checked in 2011, 640 more than the previous record and the percentage of correctly inflated tyres has increased steadily over the years, from 76 per cent in 2008, to 86 per cent in 2011.

A positive finding is that the percentage of tyres with inflation pressures in the ‘dangerous’ inflation category has dropped from 19 per cent to the current level of six per cent since the survey began. However, there is concern over the number of tyres which fall into the ‘very dangerous’ category. This percentage has crept up slowly from five percent in 2008 to eight percent in 2011. Lovell said this indicates that, while most motorists are becoming more aware of the importance of correct inflation pressures, there is a growing minority who are driving with their tyres in a life-threatening condition.

Commenting on the interventions needed to bring about an improvement, Lovell said that motorists should check their tyre pressures at least every two weeks and should also inspect the tyres for damage or unusual wear.

“Bridgestone will continue to conduct the Tyre Check surveys in 2012, but we believe there are additional opportunities to ensure South African motorists maintain their tyres in a safe condition,” Lovell said. “Under-inflated tyres are one of the leading causes of blowouts and we encourage the traffic authorities to consider having an officer dedicated to tyre pressure checks at each roadblock,” she added.

“With the Christmas holidays close at hand, every effort should be made to reduce the risk of crashes being caused by poor tyre condition or incorrect inflation pressures,” she concluded. 

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